At MJ's Lawns & Garden Maintenance, we can get your garden looking amazing, and offer complete garden maintenance in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.

Garden maintenance

Large or small our team gets it done.

Make your neighbors jealous... with a gorgeous yard! Wheather you want us to help you create a nicer yard, or have a high maintenance garden that takes up to much of your time, MJ's Lawns and garden Maintenance's garden maintenance can have it looking lush and green in no time.

Lawn Mowing, edging, clean up and removal of grass clippings is all part of the service

Lawn mowing & edging

We look after all the details, no matter how fine

If you live in a small property you may not have much grass, or the need for a mower. MJ's Lawns & Garden Maintenance can drop in and quickly mow your lawn on a basis that suits you. Alternatively, you may have a large property that takes you hours to mow. Let us do it fast and effectively. An edged lawn makes your garden look neat and clean – it's all part of the service at MJ's Lawn & Gardens Maintenance.

Block Slashing

Block Slashing

At MJ's Lawns and Garden Maintenance we offer a very competitive block slashing service wihch specializes in residential blocks. Our block slashing service complies with all council regulations.

Pruning & hedging

We do tree and bush pruning

MJ's Lawns & Garden Maintenance can help your plants look their best, and encourage growth. We don’t go crazy with the hedger. We just give your garden that nice, neat feel. Pruning is important to allow light and air to your plant, as well as removing dead or diseased wood and for showing off your plants features. You can trust that your plants are in good hands with MJ's Lawns & Garden Maintenance.

Rental Cleanups

Rental proprty clean ups

Have your tennants left your rental propery in a mess. At MJ's Lawns and Garden Maintenance we can bring your investment back to its former glory with our expert team of gardeners.

Small landscaping

We'll make your garden look beautiful

Wheather you want to create new garden beds, make yourself a vegetable patch, herb garden or a hardy, sustainable garden, MJ's Lawns & Garden Maintenance can help you make it a reality! We can help you design your new garden, and remove and replant most elements. Create a space that you will love to entertain and relax in – call one of our expert gardeners at MJ's Lawns & Garden Maintenance.


Lawn mowing

Here at MJ's Lawns and Garden Maintenance we always use modern well maintained equipment to provide the best possible service we can to all our valued clients. Well maintained equipment is the key to getting quality results.